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Flying Cloud Waukesha, WI

Configurable and Popular for Your Travels

Published February 21, 2017


Itís easy to make the decision to go see the country, whatís difficult is to know what travel trailer to use when you want to head on the open road. One of the best choices youíll find at Ewald Airstream in Franklin, WI is the Flying Cloud. This travel trailer is the one you want when youíre ready to head out from Waukesha and youíll have the comforts of home that make a difference for you when youíre looking to see the country or at least the relatives that donít have room for you in their home.


Starting at the smallest size you will find the Flying Cloud is only 19 feet long and it offers you the choice between a regular bed configuration or a bunk where youíll be able to have more people in the trailer when itís time to bed down at night. The bunk configuration will sleep as many as five while the regular one will sleep four. This makes the Flying Cloud a great trailer for a small group to travel together from Waukesha to the various destinations around the country that offer some impressive sights for you to see and enjoy.
Moving up to the 23 foot size of the Flying Cloud you need to take from your Waukesha home you can fit as many as seven people inside this trailer and have a lot of fun travelling together in style. Youíll love the space and easy way to sleep in a trailer thatís enjoyable all day and night but is meant for you to take advantage of the ability to explore the world around you. Come in and check out the 23D Bunk setup of the Flying Cloud and see if it will work well for you.


If you want the space to have the most people sleep that the Flying Cloud can offer in your Waukesha Airstream trailer the right choice for you is the 30FB Bunk configuration which offer you the space to have eight people sleep in the trailer at night. Youíll love the size and space thatís offered on this version of the Flying Cloud which is perfect for your entire family to enjoy the time in the outdoors together. Come see the team at Ewald Airstream and check out this amazing travel trailer that can give you the space and configuration thatís right for you.
Ewald Airstream in Franklin, WI wants to help you get out on the road where youíll have the right way to enjoy the ride and the sleeping arrangements youíre looking for. The Flying Cloud youíre looking to have available from your Waukesha home to take out on the road comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and the experts at Ewald can help you make the right choice when youíre ready to drive out of town for a great weekend getaway or a cross country trip. Take this trailer and have a great drive around the country.

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