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Airstream Basecamp Hartford, WI

A Simple Airstream for You

Published February 21, 2017

Camping with Airstream Basecamp
There is one model from Airstream which is small and easy to enjoy on the road that has a fantastic way to enjoy the travel you play to do. If the travel is just you and one other person, the Airstream Basecamp can be the right way to enjoy the travel from Hartford to every area of the country. This trailer may be small and simple, but it offers the comfort you want and the quality youíre looking for from Ewald Airstream in Franklin, WI to give you the ride and comfort you want.
What does the Airstream Basecamp offer you when youíre ready to travel from Hartford in any direction? This travel trailer offers you enough space for five people to sit inside but only enough space for two to sleep at night. This means you can invite a few friends in for the comfort they can enjoy with you, but youíll only be able to have you and your travel companion sleep inside at night, which is all you want in the first place. The Basecamp brings you the ability to two and go with easy in a lightweight form.
Because the Airstream Basecamp is small and versatile you can pull it nearly anywhere. This is a great little trailer to head up the trial with you and let you have the comfort you want with the features that make a difference. You can climb mountains, swim in the ocean, fish, hunt or hike all you want during the day, knowing youíre going to have the benefit of the Airstream Basecamp youíve driven from Hartford to your destination for the fun and adventure. Bed down in comfort at night before you have a new ride that will be perfect for you once again.
As a travel trailer thatís small and easy to enjoy on the road youíll be able to have an easy time getting to your destination. If you used to head to a camping area that was hard to reach with your tents and camping equipment, the Airstream Basecamp you take from Hartford will fit back in that area as well. This makes it easy to have the comforts of home and the benefits of air conditioning when you want the right place to go for your camping adventures when out on the road.
Isnít it time you and your travel companion got out on the road in the Airstream Basecamp that allows you the comforts of your Hartford home but makes it easy to travel? If so, come in and see the team at Ewald Airstream in Franklin, WI today and have the ride that will make a huge difference in your travels. The Basecamp is small but itís tough and easy to enjoy wherever you need to go when you want a place to lay your head at night. Itís time to camp in style and the folks at Ewald Airstream can help you do just that.

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